Sigma versus Omega 5th Round

Sigma Vs Omega. Goth versus Blonde. Humor versus Sex. And this all will be happing for the fifth time. But that indeed sounds? Because watching one hot gal is trying to pull the kinky pranks on other sexy girl is something which always looks arousing. So get ready for the round five and see who will win this time. And this time our emo damsel wants to play just a bit of ventrilloquist. The only thing she needs is a doll thru which she will translate her nasty thoughts to the world. And is there a better doll than big-chested blonde form competition sisterhood? A bit of contemporary technology magic andblondie will say what brunette will think of. Ofcourse it is going to wind up someone getting fucked this time. And if you want to know who then see the animation till the finish. Play now »