Condom Man

Condom Man may sound as there is some new superhero in town but actually this is a story about not youthfull but still longing for adventures pervert who crawls thru the night in search for the ways to fulfill his forbidden desires. The game is created as a arcade where you mayneed not just to find the path to attain your aim but also to escape all of teh obstacles and risks to your path (such as burte policeman or his dog for example). Ofcourse enjoy in any arcade there will be several incentives and prizes but to get them all you will have to examine the levels very carefully and plan your actions few steps further. As fo rteh controls then you can use arrow buttons to browse around locations and spacebar to perform some context defined deeds. Play now »

Magic Shop

Welcome into Magic's Shop! Oh yes, here you can discover a whole lot of arousing items and also try them ! But this game you'll be playing not as a client but as young assistance. Which means that you won't even need to purchase anything here to learn what effects it's! Simply pick any two ingridienst from the shelf and place them with the magic stock - that is all! All you nee dto do today is to wait if magic will work and enjoy teh result! A whole lot of amusing and sexy metamorphoses are wait to be explored and some of them will have bonus deeds out there. Perhaps you will wish to use paper and pencil if you're going to decide to find all the possible combinations and their number will be quite high even among games of the identical genre! Enjoy fun, then flashed and have joy again! Play now »