Mortal kombat

Mortal Cum Butt

Mortal Kombat gets on a new level of awakening - match Mortal Cum-Butt! The bleeding and gore fatalities are in the past form now on and instead of these fighters use far more pleasing ways to finish the combat since now all the fighters use Sexualtiy if they will find the overpowered rival doable enough. And we all understand that Sonia Blade is among the most nailable bitches in whole roster therefore when she loses a fight to Kano... well, you have the idea on what will happen next. The amount of embarassment of being fucked in all slots by your greatest enemy is really not easy to imagine yet on the other side Sonia will stay alive so she could train finer and receive the rematch (and very likely even to use sxuality in switch sides but that is really a story for another time and location).

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